Monthly Archives: February 2012

What with all my fretting and planning, I knew this house was going to be a lot of work. However, despite all my planning with regard to demolition, electrical wiring, plumbing and sheet rock, I overlooked a not insignificant area of work that would have to be done. As I hauled debris out of the house, and then hauled various tools and materials into the house, my peripheral vision and unconscious brain helped bring to my attention an inescapable fact – the grass was growing. I could ignore it no longer.

I am very lucky that my g/f actually likes to mow grass!

I had never even considered the extra ‘chores.’ Chores are a chore with every house, whether they are new, or very old. Needless to say, one can easily spend an entire weekend mowing the lawn, raking leaves, pruning and gardening, and hauling debris. I don’t mind the work, and actually enjoy it, most of the time. I can be outside, get exercise, and feel productive, all without having to think too hard.

Hauling yard waste, like a medieval peasant.

But I have work to do, I have the weightier projects of home renovation on my plate. I can’t fritter and waste the hours mowing grass, and pruning dead limbs from bushes and trees.  Nonetheless, I now find myself doing precisely that.  I am fortunate to have help, and it is actually Marci who is mowing the lawn, while I prune, rake leaves and clean the gutters. I’m not sure how much I am enjoying it.  I already have a house with chores to be done, and I should be working on the inside of this house.

As with every project, even household chores apparently, they take on a life of their own. Cleaning the gutters was no exception. Why did I think it would be as ‘simple’ as climbing up and down the extension ladder, and leaning over the edge of the roof, to remove the leaves?

'Not for use with water" should be the warning.

Even when I managed to get the many years of leaves out of the gutters they still didn’t drain. So I took them apart, only to find that whoever installed the gutters didn’t realize that water was going to need to flow through them.

Lawn mowed, grass and leaves raked, trees trimmed, gutters cleaned and repaired, and yard waste hauled off – a long weekend for sure.  

A simple cleaning, with tin snips and pliers.

“How is the house coming along,” you ask?  Well, I just had a rewarding weekend, albeit down a side path that I hadn’t seen coming.  As with many things, I guess, it is a matter of recognizing the adventure, and enjoying it.  I am determined not to focus on trying so hard to finish that the whole experience becomes one big chore.