Let there be light

Scary! Oddly less so in the dark.

Rarely is one happy when there is no electricity.  However, I must confess that for one project I was glad there was no light.  I had to remove all the old wiring and plumbing from the basement.  Part of this job entailed reaching into the bays above the foundation, a foundation of old stone that is a couple of feet thick. Obviously, with my arachnid fueled phobia, there were any manner of creatures (read spiders!) lurking in these dark recesses. 

Ready for creepy crawlies.

I donned gloves (rubber gloves under cotton work gloves), tyvek suit, face mask, goggles and other gear, and clumped down the stairs into the dark basement.  I worked for several hours, constantly urging myself to think happy thoughts as I cut wires, pulled various staples and hangers, and did what I had to do.  Only after that was done did I fire up the propane lantern for light to prepare an area for the new electrical service panel.  I scrubbed down the wall, painted it, and installed a board on which to mount the panel. Scary, especially without light!That day in the basement I was like an Indiana Jones movie, all the fear without any of the good looks or derring-do.  I was happy when that was over!

I also didn’t miss the lack of electricity during the major demo, other than the lack of music.  When one is wearing a huge mask, a hood, goggles, and all the other clobber, fiddling with headphones, or tripping over a large radio, may have been just another distraction.  Music or light would not have helped us breathe any easier, or sweat any less.

Clearing the way.

Ready power at the outlet is so ubiquitous that one rarely has to do without, or even contemplate life without it.  I guess when the power goes out and one is reaching for a candle or the flashlight, it is only then that we realize how much we depend on it, and take it for granted. However, I am now happy to announce there is electricity.  Without inconsiderable effort and some hiccoughs, there is now music, and light, and power tools!  Okay, I may only have two outlets, but for me it is a big step forward.  

Perhaps the rigmarole of actually acquiring electricity makes me appreciate it more.  Call the power company to shut off and disconnect old service.  Prune tree to allow for running new wires.  Get permit from Borough and give power company permit number. Install new panel and meter. Beg, plead, and cajole the Borough Zoning Officer to inspect, and more importantly, approve, the new electrical panel. Then beg, plead and cajole the power company to come hook up power to new equipment.

Let there be light - and all manner of powered devices.

Phew!  Turning on the radio  never sounded so good.

New electric meter on left, ancient one on right.

  1. T.R. Williams said:

    C’mon, you love spiders! And they love you; one bite at a time.

    • LOL – you’ve seen first hand how much I love spiders (and heard the screams)!

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